Côtes de Provence Blanc

côtes de provence blanc

Organic wine, certified FR-BIO-01


Correns, Cotignac, Entrecasteaux.


Vermentino (Rolle)


Our Côtes de Provence Blanc is a 100% Vermentino, this grape being also locally named Rolle, the white Provence varietal for local gastronomy. Native from Corsica but imported to mainland in the 19th century, Rolle is able to evolve beautifully in bottle during 3 to 4 years and gain more complexity. A sturdy grape which fits perfectly into the hot and dry soils of the stony valleys.

For this wine, we selected ripe and crunchy grapes from the high altitude vineyards of Haute Provence. In Correns and its surroundings, winegrowers respect the principles of organic farming for over 15 years and produce balanced and fruity wines with great aromatic complexity.


Cement tanks and stainless steel tanks.


Our Côtes de Provence Blanc Bio is a lively seductive wine, expressing notes of fennel, star anise and garrigue. Without wooden barrel, the ageing in tank allows the wine to preserve freshness and finesse.

We love serving this wine out on our garden in Aix en Provence. Grab a glass with some friends and taste with grilled seabass, artichoke salad or a mature goat cheese.