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Mediterranean Vineyards

The oldest, the greatest and the most talented of the French vineyards is also the least well known. It has now been almost twenty-five centuries since the Romans discovered the formidable wine producing quality of this large amphitheatre facing the Mediterranean. Who still remembers that Thomas Jefferson returned from his European tours, at the end of the 18th century, carrying the then well-known wines from Saint Georges, a neighboring village of Montpellier?

The 20th century tainted this reputation. The productive fields in the plains that should have never been planted with vines overwhelmed Europe with wines with no soul. For over twenty years now, the revolution is underway. The vine has returned to the hills and the foothills. Along with wheat fields and olive trees, it shapes our region and its Mediterranean identity.

Running from the Spanish Border to Italy, the region has a magnificent variety of soils and subsoils, enjoys the influences of the Mistral and the Tramontane, the mild maritime air inlet and the neighboring cool mountains.

Unique qualities

Its unequaled amount of sunshine in France favors an exemplary qualitative regularity from one vintage to the next. Naturally, the region has benefited from these privileged conditions, favoring excellent sanitary conditions and optimal maturity levels each year. These circumstances have allowed the region to become a pioneer in the development of alternative viticulture and in the production of organic wines.

Heterogeneity of lands and varietals

To testify to this extraordinary environmental diversity, there are only eleven appellations yet each shows a great heterogeneousness. So it’s a bit of a headache – and a true pleasure – to blend all the nuances that the palate of each appellation offers us. To give our summary. The selection of vine variety, the proportions, the elevage of each piece of the puzzle, there are infinite possibilities. Each of our wines respects the identity of its appellation; we simply add our passion.