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Selection of juices

We select the wines that are of interest for our blends from tastings carried out in each Appellation during harvest and throughout the year. We select our wines from cooperatives, young wine growers and from very well known Domaines. We purchase in some places grapes but also finished wines that have completed fermentation and that we bring to our facilities for the ageing. Right after the harvest, in each appellation, we select the best wines, those we like for themselves but also the ones we think they will bring something to the blend.

We are not tied by contract to any producer. A freedom that is important both for to the wineries and us because we are always free to fit our sourcing to the success of a specific area on each vintage. Year after year, we built strong relationships with the vine growers we love the work of and the style. In more than 80% of our purchases we stick to the same sources from a year to another while keeping our search for new terroir expressions across the region.

Selection of grapes

Whilst our vine-growers take benefit from favorably climatic conditions and remarkable sunshine weather, they have been following for quite a long time the principle of an environmental friendly viticulture. This is how our region has become a pioneer in developing cautious agriculture and organic viticulture. The huge majority of the Domaines we work with are now producers of organically certified grapes. This is our personal choice but also a question of taste: vine growers working organically are also usually those who pay more attention to their vineyard.

To choose the best grapes and the best juices coming from the low yield oldest vines means that we are able to price our wine correctly, being on line with the efforts made by the vine grower to produce.

Today we are known as the Maison de négoce who pays the highest prices for buying its wines. We are proud of this.