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Mission, impact and purpose


“To share the expression of our regional vineyards with organic and affordable wines while building a long-lasting and profitable relationship with our winegrower and cooperative partners.” Gregory Hecht & François Bannier


For this mission, we are committed to:

  • promoting sustainable agriculture that is concerned with the protection of the environment
  • producing good wines at affordable prices so that everyone can have access to them
  • rooting production in the diversity of Mediterranean regions by relying on heritage, through the AOCs, as well as on innovation, thanks to the new development of Vins de France
  • participate in the influence of our region by showing the whole world the specificities of its wines, which will contribute to protect its integrity
  • encourage the cooperative movement born at the beginning of the 20th century, which governs the efficient pooling of resources by women and men
  • support the independent family farms that sustain and maintain the local agricultural culture and heritage



    • Wines from vineyards located in our region, the South of France, along the Mediterranean arc, in the Languedoc and Provence regions.
    • Wines are bottled in our production area using dry goods produced by local suppliers.
    • More than 70% of our production comes from certified organic farming with a target of 100% by 2025.
    • By carrying out a scope 3 Greenhouse gas (GHG)  inventory every 2 years we aim to contribute to carbon neutrality by 2025. This will be achieved both by significantly reducing our own emissions and by investing in local projects to preserve and develop natural carbon capture.
    • We buy our products primarily from cooperatives and, in addition, from independent family farms.
    • We select our suppliers for the long term, some have been our partners for 20 years.
    • A percentage of the turnover is donated to associations via 1% for the Planet.



“To be the contemporary messenger of 2,000 years of vine and wine history around the Mediterranean that have shaped people and landscapes and to pass it on to future generations thus ensuring the continuity of this culture.” Gregory Hecht & François Bannier