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Forbes magazine (Nick Passmore) / Bandol 2009

2015-01-09 Forbes magazine (Nick Passmore)

They are quite simply the best red wines made in Provence […].

The secret of Bandol reds is the perfect marriage of the Mourvedre grape, [… ] the warm Mediterranean sun, and low yields from poor, rocky soil. The result is long-lived wines of unrivaled grip and intensity. […]

Mourvèdre’s magic is that, in the right hands, it’s serious enough to accompany a divine leg of lamb cooked over old vine stumps, yet so friendly and relaxed it works at a summer lunch of cheese, olives and charcuterie on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean. Shoes optional.

Bandol reds are indisputably wines of the place from which they come.

My favorite Bandol – Hecht & Bannier 2009

Gregory Hecht and François Bannier, newcomers to the region, have hit the ground running with this polished, fruit-filled delight. Perfect with any red meats, along with more robust cheeses, including chèvre.