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Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate (David Schildknecht) / Languedoc rosé 2010

2011-06-30 Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

Constituting 40% Syrah from relatively early-picked schistic sites in St.-Chinian (selected specifically with pink wine in mind) as well as from Minervois, and with 40% Cinsault, the Hecht & Bannier 2010 Languedoc Rose delivers not just fresh, tart-edged cherry fruit, and invigoratingly pungent herbal inflections, but also luscious blood orange and an astonishing array of mineral nuances including utterly mouthwatering salinity, all of which promises terrific versatility at table over the coming year. This is about as vividly fresh-fruited, exuberant, vibrant, and capital-“M” mineral as you could ask for in any wine! I tried chasing some of Hecht & Bannier’s new Maury with this and it was utterly luscious, almost suggestive of sweetness in its vivid evocation of red fruit? After having a fortified dessert wine in one’s mouth! ”It’s dry, I promise” says Hecht. US$12