The World of Fine Wine / Bandol rosé 2018

2022-07-04 The World of Fine Wine


Simon Field | Onion-skin color, quite viscous at its watery rim. Nose of charcuterie and figs, herbs, too, and somewhere in the distance, damask roses and plum skin. On the palate, there is both concentration and depth, the umami notes conspiring with the savory texture without failing to align themselves with the shards of firm acidity and balanced but appreciable alcohol.
A warm vintage, for sure, but the sea breezes have bequeathed a manageable shape and siren whispers of salinity. | 91

Andrew Jefford | The salmon pink here is heading for the yellow exit, but there is still plenty there. Almost a mimosa brightness among the orange-pink. Lush, rich, ripe, mature. All the benefits of that—great harmony—but no sense of particular energy or push. Mushrooms growing among the fruits. Vivid, lively, fresh, vinous, and long. All the structure is in place, but the delicate fruits
are beginning to slip away, alas. Even in Bandol, it seems, young is best. | 88

Anthony Rose | Coppery bronze in color. The aromas are of ripe, almost exotic fruit such as mango and guava, and the flavors are ripe and exotic, too, buoyed by an appealing freshness for balance and texture, all of which dissipate nicely on the tongue in a dry wash that cleanses the palate on the finish. | 92

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