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In Languedoc, 2009 showed a contrasted pluviometry with huge differences between Pic Saint Loup area with 1200mm and the western part of the region, Minervois with only 400mm for the whole year. Compared to a normal year, it is nearly a 50% water deficit for this part of the Languedoc.

Winter was particularly dry and water reserves only got built up thanks to heavy and efficient rainfalls in April.

In spite of the appearance of the first Mildew mark in Languedoc from mid-April, the winegrowers’ vigilance and experiences learnt from the previous year had permitted an adequate control of the disease. Facilitated by a dry August, this expertise allowed obtaining a very healthy vineyard for the harvest.

About the thermal balance, the beginning of the year (January –April) was colder to compare to previous years then followed by a hot period with two heat peaks (end of June and August).