The Languedoc is experiencing a fairly mild winter followed by a sunny but dry spring. Quickly the vineyard lacks of water to grow normally and significant heterogeneity was observed depending on the area.

The few rains of July and August didn’t offset the rainfall deficit in the first half, but they are welcomed with relief by the winemakers.
Summer is on the whole chilly, without large amplitudes night/day, with stormy periods sometimes with hail in some areas.

At the end of August, we finally got back to a climate conducive to great grape ripening, sun with wind and cool nights. Everything is accelerating and the vineyard quickly reached full maturity, triggering earlier harvest than in previous years in lower areas.

In red, Syrah have a nice flavor profile and early varieties are often more successful in an accessible and gourmet style.
The ripeness was more difficult to reach on Carignan or Mourvèdre which didn’t get optimal richness and moreover, in some areas, suffered from “Cévenol episode” that damage the hillsides early October.

In Languedoc, 2014 offers fresh and fruity wines with high natural acidity. These conditions especially favor the whites and rosés that show aromatic and elegant at once.