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The winter was especially mild in Languedoc, followed by a rainy spring. According to areas, there are major differences in rainfall levels and it is the heterogeneity that strikes 2015.

Spring began with rainfall events that rebuilt water reserves and so guarded against any summer water stress period. However, from may till july, the vineyard suffered from a warm and dry episode that, in some areas, stopped the ripeness, despite important water supplies.

The rain came back mid-June, in time to allow berries’ arrival in ideal conditions. July was particularly hot and dry, followed by strong storms in August, which drastically ended this drought. The vineyard health status is deteriorating somewhat, but the good weather in September and windy episodes helped limit damages’ evolution.

Depending on the areas, rainfall amounts were very heterogeneous, sometimes up to 600 mm on the Terrasses du Larzac when some areas received only 40 mm. Inside a same appellation, there is sometimes the same differences, as in Saint Chinian.

Thereby, the harvest took place over several months and were atypical, some usually late vineyards reached maturity before others generally earlier.

Syrah show typically and evident aromatic expressions, with a lot of freshness. Carignan, Mourvèdre and Grenache are concentrated and rich. 2015 is the vintage of mediterranean varieties, fully ripe harvested. On schisty soils, they carried on ripening even after heavy heat summer periods.
Blending will be key to provide sharp balance between the different elements.