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2018 was not a usual year in Languedoc.

After a dry autumn, winter and spring were particularly wet with record precipitation at the beginning of the year.

The vineyard rebuilt the water supplies while 2017 was a very dry year. The conditions were perfect for grapes with a moderate water stress until the beginning of the harvest.

But heavy rain during May and June boosted mildew disease on leaves and grapes to a level never achieved before in whole Languedoc.

This directly resulted to a loss of harvest on the more sensitives vineyards

The weather split Languedoc in two parts: on one side, there were small crops because of the mildew disease and on the other side winegrowers who could contain the mildew early on during season get good yield and balance into the grapes.

The summer was hot and dry with typical stormy rains around Mid-August that kept the ripeness going. A beautiful Indian Summer allow the grapes to reach an exceptional degree of ripeness.

Except for the areas affected by mildew disease the vintage 2018 was very generous, well balanced with not high maturity thanks to a moderate water stress.