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côtes du roussillon villages

Winter 2013/2014 is rather sunny in Roussillon, without significant rainfalls. It is followed by a particularly mild and dry spring. The first months of the vineyard development are marked by drought, with high lack of water in some areas.

Unusually, the summer is quite fresh with high dampness but without significant rainfall periods.

The comeback to traditional seasonal levels takes place in late August and September benefits from cool nights and warm days, conducive to a gradual ripening of the grapes. Some end of day good storms with alternating Tramontane help preserve great acidity in the grapes.

Then there is a significant spread of ripeness in Roussillon: the harvest starts late August in some areas while others wait early October for the later Grenache. On the whole, sanitary conditions are good, indicating a quality vintage, except for winegrowers who didn’t act in time to avoid oidium attacks.

Well-balanced, fresh and with a good acid structure, 2014 wines of Roussillon quickly offer a pleasant tasting.

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