côtes du roussillon villages

The landmark of this vintage in Catalonia was the extreme low yields, the lowest ever faced for the whole area. In Roussillon, the weather was fickle and the production was lowered of 30% compared to an average year.

Indeed, the beginning of the winter was dry and particularly cold. The rains were rare and only fell as hails.

However, the rainfalls were significant in spring in spite of early temperatures higher than normal. Due to this alternance, the vines suffered from shatter, and in July, quite a lot of “millerandage” could be observed across the vineyard.

During summer, the weather was dry and warm again with a welcomed temperature range and rather cool nights for the season. The ripening evolution was good and the vineyard hardly suffered from the lack of rainfalls. When it came to the harvests, the quality of the berries was outstanding with a great balance between aromas and acidity; only quantities were so limited.

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